What traits does a good website have?

I was writing a presentation for a client the other day and one of the question they wanted answered was what makes a good website.

I think a good website has 4 key attributes:

  1. Easy to use, navigate and understand - this is achieved by considering the information architecture of the site, the way pages are laid out, in regards to the grouping and chunking of information.

  2. Provides direct, actionable information relevant to the users intent - Each page on the site should serve a purpose and have a place on the customer journey.

  3. Is professionally designed and accessible to modern browsers and devices - It needs to be professional and convey your brand, just as a physical store would. With 90% of NZers owning a smartphone and 50% of searches now conducted on mobile, it must be build with mobile in mind and the simplest way to do this is by building a responsive site.

  4. Delivers high quality, credible content - Content is king, after all it is what your clients are seeking out in the different moments (I want to KNOW, I Want to DO, I Want to GO, I Want to BUY).  A site should ideally be designed around the content with an Information architecture that structures the content into logical groupings that are flexible and allows for change. After all, we tell our clients that they should never consider their site, done. It is a living, breathing, thing that needs to be tended to, just as you switch out promotions and stock in a physical store the same consideration needs to be given in keeping your website fresh.

If you're interesting in refreshing your website or getting one for your business, talk to us today.