Is it time to refresh your website?

We live in a world of rapid change and the internet is definitely no exception to this. 

A website that was designed a number of years ago may now be out of date and holding your business back from achieving is goals online. 

But how can you tell?

1. Is it mobile friendly?

Smartphones and devices are now part of our everyday lives and we are using them to do many of the things we use to do on a computer. In fact, more websites are now loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers. Making sure your website can be easily viewed and used on a smartphone is now a must have. 

An easy way to check is to visit your site from your mobile:

  • Is it slow to load when using mobile data?
  • Is it hard to read and use?
  • Do you have to zoom in and out and move the page around to read it?
  • Are there bits missing or things that don't work? 

If you answered yes to any of these question your site is not mobile friendly. 


2. Do you have an outdated design?

An outdated design can give the impression that your website and business is no longer active. This will put customers off from continuing further such as calling for service or purchasing a product.  

A fresh, clean, modern site tells your customers that you're open for business and professional to deal with. 


3. Poor user experience 

A site that is hard to use, navigate and understand will put customers off. 

A way to tell if you site is not working as it should is checking Google Analytics and assessing your bounce rate and session duration. If the bounce rate is high and session duration low this could be a sign your potential customers can't find what they are looking for and are leave straight away. 

Review your site:

  • does it have a clear customer journey to follow?
  • does each page have a strong call to action?


4. Poor content 

Content is really important for a number of reasons:

It informs your customers about your business and the products and services you offer, it persuades them to buy what you are selling. 

It assists with your ranking on Google search. Well structured and well written content helps Google understand your business and what you are selling so your site can appear in search results when people are searching for what you are offering. 

If you are running Adwords it can also effect the amount you pay for your ad clicks, this is because Google has a quality score multiplier as part of its bidding system and poor content will lead to a lower quality score. Most of the other issues mentioned will also lower your quality score too.


5. Functional Errors 

If your site has errors, such as missing pages, pages with no content or links and buttons that don't work these need to be fixed, a site with functional errors makes it extremely hard for customers to try and enquire about your services or try and buy your products, but that is only for very persistent customers, most will abandon your site and try your competitors instead. 

Any one of these factors are red flags that it is time to refresh your site, if you have a number of factors you are probably missing out on sales and leads.  

If it time to refresh your site, then give us a call so we can help get your website back on track to meeting your online goals for your business.