Why you should migrate to https

We've been recommending to our clients to move to https for some time now as Google in 2016 made announced that beginning in January 2017, they are going to mark all the non-secure websites in their Chrome browser.

What that meant was Google implemented a feature in Chrome where a warning would display on http sites where there was an entry field of any kind on the page.

The final step is that Google will make that message much more noticeable and will send a clear signal to the user: you risk exposing your personal data on this site, use at your own risk.

The likely effect of this will be negative and turn potential customer away.

Apparently Google is not stopping there, in the several locations in the US they have been testing a way to mark non-secure website in the Google Search results page. This will have a much bigger impact as the likely effort will be potential customers won't even visit your site!

So take action now to migrate your site to https. 

The time to move to mobile is now

A recent NZ Herald article has highlighted that "more websites are now loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers, a milestone that underlines how computing is rapidly shifting to mobile devices and which threatens companies reliant on traditional PCs."

Statcounter, a research company that tracks internet use across 2.5 million websites, said 51.3 per cent of pages were loaded on mobile devices in October, the first time they have surpassed desktop and laptop computers.

In addition to this, Google recently announced that it will soon split its index between mobile and desktop.

Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes said at Pubcon in Oct 2016,  that Google will create a separate mobile index within the next few months.

This mobile index will become the primary Google index. The newly separated desktop index will not be kept as up-to-date as the mobile one.

This means it is now more important than even to embrace mobile if you haven't already done so. If you still have a desktop only website, you need to seriously consider moving to a new responsive website.

iDigital can help with this, as all our site are responsive out the of box. Talk to us today to see how we can help.