Understand which campaigns are working to drive conversions via phone calls.

With 70% of mobile searches resulting in a call and 43% of all search related sales take place on the phone, tracking calls is very important.

When someone visits your website after clicking one of your iDigital marketing campaigns, our Smart Calling Tracking system can help you identify and measure calls from that campaign. We use dynamically-generated numbers that replace your business number on your site. As a result, you can see which specific campaigns are leading to call conversions.

Dynamic Call Tracking Number

iDigital’s call tracking solution utilises sophisticated dynamic call tracking numbers that we place on your website.

When a potential customer searches for your products or services using a search engine and clicks through to your website they will call your company using the dynamic tracking number. The system will then collect and record the data which we can use to analyse and optimisation your digital marketing campaign.  


call notifications

Each time a call is made to a Dynamic Call Tracking Number our system automatically sends a call alert email which includes:

  • Phone Number (if caller ID is not blocked)

  • Date and Time of call

  • The call outcome (answered, busy, not answered)

  • If a Voicemail was left this will be included in the email as an audio file

  • The full referring URL related to the call


Call routing

With our intelligent call routing technology a single Dynamic Call Tracking Number can be routed to the right person or team depending on your business needs and those of the caller.

This will lead to improved customer service, increased conversions and decreased missed calls.


Call whisper

Call Whisper provides pre-call information to the person at your business about to receive the call, such as ‘Another lead from an iDigital AdWords Campaign’.

This information can assist your staff in understand what the customer is calling about.


Realtime reporting portal and Google analytics integration

Call data captured using the iDigital Smart Call Tracking system can provide you with valuable data to accurately measure, analyse and optimise your marketing campaigns. 


Call Recording

By recording calls you’ll gain a better understanding of your leads, which will help put your customers at the heart of your business operations. After reviewing the recordings, you’ll be able to improve customer service and enhance your sales techniques.